About Us:

Addagio Overseas, operational since 20001999, was started to cater to the ever growing international market for knitwear. We have been engaged in manufacture of pullovers and other knitted accessories for reputed names in both the Domestic and International market. Located in the industrial suburb of Gurgaon, our unit boasts of most up to date technology in knitting, which is done on state of the art computerized knitting machines from Shima Sieki.


We are well versed in different materials, like cotton, cotton/wool/nylon, Cotton/Acrylic, Lambs wool, Merino Wool, Cashmere, Angora, Silk/wool and derivatives like boiled wool, Acrylics and various other blends. We are well capable of handling all kinds of designs including fully-fashioned garments, and Jacquards, cables and other complicated patterns including fusion of Knits with Suede, Denim, Furs, Poplin and other materials. Flexibility of design, hand and Machine embroidery, Beading, Printing & different types of washes i.e. Enzyme wash, Acid wash etc and specialized knit structures is our Forte.


All the production facilities are maintained in house and confirm to highest quality standards. In addition to knitting on computerized machines, our production is complemented by a number of hand flats. An adequate number of ancillary machines are maintained to facilitate speedy production. Also maintained in house is high class finishing equipment to ensure final products of highest quality.


A team of experienced workforce consisting of technicians, knit masters and related people look after and optimize each step in production process. The production is supervised and checked at every stage by skilled workers against pre set standards. Also helping the whole process is a efficient and dedicated management. Quality and timely production is the motto of the organization.


With a very futuristic & innovative approach towards Design, trends & technology we have maintained our Business relations with buyers for a long time & their Satisfaction & faith in us speaks volumes about us. To ensure social Accountability & Strict adherence to Factory Act we undertake social audits of our own & have been successfully been audited by Reebok.


As per changing Needs of recent times we have also been making changes in production process by implementing & Ordering new technologies & machinery for Production & Procedures.